Who to be

I don’t know who I am. I don’t know who I want to be. But I do know what makes me happy. What I like to do. Who I like to be around.

Just because I don’t have a special talent, doesn’t mean I don’t have a talent. I’m a good person with a big heart. I enjoy giving others everything they want and giving myself little. Doesn’t mean I’ve lost respect for myself. Trust me, I treat myself haha. I mean who doesn’t love to travel , get manicures, go shopping…..

I’m hear to tell you, that no matter your size, color, gender or age… as long as you are special in your mind, and do what makes you happy, life will fall into place. It’s hard. Life is really hard. But if you just take every opportunity to your advantage, you can have the world of your dreams.

How To: Resist Sweet Treats

Worked out all morning, spent the day downtown walking in the heat and enjoyed my boyfriends company. I had a healthy salad for dinner, got some work done and then an urge for a snack occurred in my brain. Peanut M&Ms called my name. I opened the small snack size bag to treat myself. I ate one M&M and immediately regretted it. The rest were thrown away. The taste was almost poisonous. How did I train my body to get to this state? It sure wasn’t easy and I most definitely was not born this way.

I was the typical kid growing up. Always eating, growing and wanting sweet treats after dinner. Actually, wanting sweet treats all of the time. But I definitely was not a healthy eater. Coming home from school, I’d eat a bag of Doritos, a diet coke, and ramen noodles. Yes, I said a BAG of Doritos. All before dinner too! Sometimes, it would be more than that. No matter the time of day, I always wanted food. Fast food, pop, candy, and junk. Never ate vegetables, would eat fruit occasionally, and only ate healthy foods when made for me.

When I started eating healthy, the cravings for sweets became insane. I would crave ice cream and chocolate 24/7, day in and day out. Even though the treats I ate were gluten/grain free, I would eat massive amounts, aka unhealthy for myself. I realized my goals weren’t being achieved and I needed to do something about this.

I cut sugar and sweets cold turkey. No more chocolate, candy or ice cream. I noticed a huge difference. Soon after though, I came to realization, I need to treat myself at some point during the day, but only once, and a small portion.

With this mindset, I began to use sweet “treats” as a tool for rewarding myself. If I slummed around all day, including my productivity level, or no workout, then I didn’t get a treat. My brain knew I didn’t deserve it, therefore my body didn’t crave it. I’ll eat  85%-100% dark chocolate, or dairy free (low carb) ice cream. I’ll indulge in this kind of sugar. The dark chocolate has health benefits and ice cream like Halo Top has protein (nutrients) that can support the work I put into my body.  But this is not a day to day thing. My body can’t handle that. I do give myself healthy alternative ice cream and dark chocolate every once in a while. Nothing about sugary candy is good for you, and for that very reason, I do not put that into my body. On occasion, I will treat myself to a cup of real ice cream, with real sugar, or milk chocolate.

But we all know, our body works differently everyday and cravings occur randomly. How do you deal with sugar rushes?

You take that treat of yours, look it in the eye and say “Are you good for me?”. This makes me think about my reward system. I like to fuel my body with health rewarding tools. My body works so hard during workouts, I am not going to feed it with crap that will degrade my physique and health progress. I work way too hard in the gym to put junk in my body. My body doesn’t deserve that. So if that treat of yours is going to make you sick, ruin your hard work or make you regret eating it… don’t eat it.

Quick Tip: Watch baking videos, like Tasty, or Youtubers baking cakes and goodies. Even finding healthy alternatives on Pinterest has helped me change up my treats without changing up my health routine. 

The last piece of advice I give you about sweet treats is that your body can be easily trained not to crave these things. If you crave chocolate, make a low carb chocolate protein shake. If you are craving candy, have a piece of fruit. Yes, this still contains sugar, but natural sugars. Substitution is key. My favorite substitute is a seltzer water or a cup of tea. To this day, I crave unsweetened things, and when you reach this mindset, it’s a power most people can’t achieve. My boyfriends exact words are “You have such a bitter palette”. Work your body hard and your brain harder. You are the only thing in the way of your goals.


Greatness is Accessible by ANYONE

“I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life; I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

   – Theodore Roosevelt

I never thought I would be posting this picture on the left. But here I am today doing just that.

I have self-confidence, knowledge of my likes/dislikes, a boyfriend who cares and loves me for me, and a very bright future ahead of myself. The problem is, I have struggled with finding each of these things for many years. They didn’t come easy and I was definitely not handed a life with shortcuts.

My thoughts about myself were very low, up to the point in my life when I realized that I could change my feelings towards myself.

Nobody will ever be picture perfect and there will always be something to improve about yourself. With that mindset, I went about life differently. I said to myself “Perfect body or not, I am stuck with it. Be happy day in and day out and keep working towards your  goals.” As you see small changes that are the aftermath of your own doing, that mind set changes again. You are happy with your body not because “might as well be” but because YOU are making a difference. YOUR lifestyle changes and choices are making you happier.

I’m a 3rd year college student that spent the last 4 years very indecisive about what I wanted to study. I, to this day, struggle with what I really want out of life, as well as what I love doing on a day to day basis. I know I want a long, happy, healthy life. But obviously you need an income to support that lifestyle. How does one pick a major that provides an income and happiness at the same time? I had been told you pick one or the other… Or people would say, “If you love something that much, the money will come”. Well who’s right? No one. No one knows the truth behind success and wealth. It’s all about personality and knowing your personal interest and skills. This past week, I decided to quit my 9-5 research job, which coincided with a biological mathematics degree. I want to change my degree and find a “non-degree” income job that will get me through this time of decision making. I will be taking this summer to focus on this blog, my interests, degrees that compliment those interests, and finding my very best skills. On top of being in the best mindset I can be in, I want to continue my body conditioning.

Join me on my journey, as I find the best way to live my life. Learn from my mistakes and never take a day for granted. Wake up and start each day as if it’s your last. Make it count.